Press Release 09.06.2015

Press Release 9th June, 2015

“MPs and Party Leaders asked to give opinion on Zonqor ODZ”

Front Harsien ODZ has written to all Members of Parliament and the Party Leaders, asking them to state their opinion on Zonqor’s ODZ development proposal. The full text reads as follows:

Front Ħarsien ODZ, a non-partisan citizens’ movement founded and run by persons from all walks of life, will be holding a national protest on 20 June 2015 against the proposed ODZ development at Zonqor. In due course, FHO will also be holding other activities regarding other ODZ proposals such as the shooting range at Mosta.

In this regard, we are hereby asking each Member of Parliament and Party Leader to send us your position on the ODZ development proposal at Zonqor. We will eventually also be asking you for your position on other ODZ development proposals.

Kindly send us your position on the Zonqor ODZ proposal to by not later than 14 June 2015.

Front Harsien ODZ will be announcing the positions of each MP in due course. We strongly believe that citizens have every right to know where their representatives stand with regard to such development.


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