Press Release 11.06.2015

Press Release 11th June, 2015

FHO condemns all past environmental abuses, will ensure protest is non-partisan.

Front Ħarsien ODZ wishes to underline the fact that past and present PN and PL Administrations have not adequately protected ODZ areas and that an extension to the development boundaries even happened as recently as 2006, a decision which still bears heavily on the environment. The Front Ħarsien ODZ augurs that the PN will take a firm commitment not to repeat these mistakes in the future, and hopes that politicians who in the past or present actively pushed for environmental destruction do not attempt to gain coverage from the upcoming protest.

In addition Front Ħarsien ODZ will also be expecting political parties opposing the Zonqor development to unambiguously declare themselves against any other ODZ developments in the future, both from government and from opposition.

While all citizens are welcome to attend the protest, it will be the Front that will be leading the demonstration thus ensuring that the protest will be a non partisan one where people of different political beliefs can unite against the proposed development. The Front will ensure that representatives of all political parties will not be allowed to take a prominent role in the demonstration and political party representatives who try to do so will be invited to take a backseat.


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