Articles by Michael Briguglio

Michael Briguglio – Tunnel Cocktail Party

Michael Briguglio – The Governance Deficit

Michael Briguglio – Zonqor May Still be Spared
Michael Briguglio – Zonqor Pandora’s Box

Michael Briguglio – Il-Fenomenu tal-Front

Michael Briguglio – The MEPA Vanishing Act

Michael Briguglio – Making History from Zonqor to Beyond – The Front Phenomenon

Michael Briguglio – The ODZ Social Pact

Michael Briguglio – Where were Front activists in the past? A reply

Michael Briguglio – Malta has become a permanent building site [Interview]

Michael Briguglio – Effective Green mobilisation

Michael Briguglio – Zonqor ODZ – An appeal for non-sectarian social movement activism

Michael Briguglio – Zonqor’s prominence

Michael Briguglio – An alternative site to the new proposed University

The Growing Opposition to ODZ Development in Zonqor

Zonqor protest promo

Civil Society supporting Front Harsien ODZ

Zonqor ODZ: Academics call for transparency and show concern for choice of site

Save Zonqor National Protest

Front Harsien ODZ is launched

International coverage
Malta Protesters try to save Green Lung


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