Press Release 09.01.2016

Press Release 9th January, 2016

“Front and AD share common positions on ODZ”.

In the first of a series of meetings with political parties on local council matters related to ODZ development, representatives of Front Harsien ODZ met representatives of Alternattiva Demokratika – The Green Party.

Front Harsien ODZ said: “We acknowledge the fact that the Green Party has always been consistently opposing ODZ development, and this includes its participation in campaigns against the development of golf courses and its leading role in the rationalization process which extended development boundaries. We also appreciate AD’s consistent support of Front Harsien ODZ’s campaigns such as the one against the development of a non-American non-University at Zonqor”.

In the meeting with AD the Front discussed problems related to ODZ in Attard where AD is represented at local level together with Sliema. These include quarrying activities and proposals for the expansion of existing ODZ petrol stations and new proposals.

“Front Harsien ODZ looks forward to have common positions with AD and other political parties in the opposition of ODZ development, and for this reason we will also be meeting PL and PN in the coming days to seek joint positions on specific ODZ issues in specific localities”.


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