Press release 16.10.2015

Press release 16.10.2015

Budget: Zonqor: Why is Government ignoring Parliamentary Committee?

Front Harsien ODZ referred to the Government’s declaration on budget day that the proposed development at Zonqor will go ahead as announced by the Prime Minister during the Summer recess.

“The Parliamentary Environment committee was supposed to discuss the possible alternative sites for development of the ‘American’ University project, which had to be presented by the MEPA CEO to Members of Parliament and civil society representatives. This had to be a proper process of evaluation, dialogue and scrutiny. ODZ sites were not to be considered if there were alternatives. Instead, Government detailed the whole process through a press conference in Summer, effectively rendering the parliamentary committee into an insignificant entity”.

“Front Harsien ODZ deplores this lack of consultation and once again calls for the Parliamentary environment committee to reconvene to discuss alternative sites. We also remind Government that to date, it has not published its agreement with the University developers Sadeen, which only raises suspicion on the insistence to develop at Zonqor”


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