Press Release 19.11.2015

Press Release 19th November, 2015

Front Harsien ODZ calls on the Prime Minister to reappoint Marlene Farrugia in the role of chairman of Parliament’s environment committee and amend the law to make this possible.

“Marlene Farrugia has distinguished herself in giving a meaningful voice to civil society in the democratic process and in the formulation of new planning policies and on controversial issues like the American University of Malta. She has also ensured greater transparency through the grilling of public officials involved in these decisions who had to answer questions by civil society.”

This represented a marked improvement over the way the committee was run under the previous administration when civil society was not invited to participate in these meetings.

“Therefore we strongly appeal to the Prime Minister to re-appoint Farrugia in this role. Such a mature decision would strengthen the government’s democratic and environmental credentials. As an independent MP Farrugia would be in a better position to reach out to civil society.”


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