Press Release 20.06.2015

Press Release 20th June, 2015

Over 3,000 attend the protest: Zonqor Taghna Lkoll

Front Harsien ODZ expressed its satisfaction with the participation of citizens and organisations from all walks of Maltese society in the national protest held in front of parliament, Valletta, today 20th June.

‘We thank all the citizens, all the organisations, all the representatives, who put aside partisan differences and who united to defend the common good in this citizens’ protest to save ODZ land in Zonqor from destructive development. Such goodwill will help save Malta’s environment’.

‘As a citizen’s movment, Front Harsien ODZ has no other aims other than to safeguard the common good from those who want to benefit at the expense of everyone else. The environment belongs to us all and has no political colour. It should not be taken away from present and future generations’.

‘Front Harsien ODZ insists that the Government should immediately publish its agreement with the Sadeen Group and that MEPA acts like a regulator, and not as a political rubberstamp for the Office of the Prime Minister. Transparency is required so that civil society can fully participate in the national debate to save Zonqor. We urge the Government to change its position on development on Zonqor ODZ land’.

‘Zonqor and Marsascala belong to us all, to all present and future generations. We express our solidarity with farmers, residents, parents, children, and all others who are showing deep concern for the loss of agricultural land and open spaces for the benefit of a Jordanian investor who is involved in a secret deal behind the back of all citizens’


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