Press Release 11.02.2016

Press Release 11th February, 2016

PN should clarify ODZ exceptions – Front

In an official reaction to the declaration of PN leader Simon Busuttil that his party will be defining exceptions to the proposed ban on ODZ development, Front Harsien ODZ has called on the PN to be clear and to have binding commitments.

“We call on the PN to come up with clear and binding policies regulating ODZ development to which it will be held accountable if elected in government. We also expect the party to present these policies in a reasonable time-frame and not on the eve of the general election, to ensure a healthy debate with civil society”.

Front Harsien ODZ reiterated its position against ODZ development beyond the upkeep of the national infrastructure and real agricultural needs.

“Current policies like the SPED are full of generic and vague exceptions for ODZ development while other policies like the rural policy approved in 2014 include many loopholes which facilitate objectionable ODZ developments”.

The PN should also explain how its policies regulating ODZ development will be binding, especially in those cases where these would conflict with other national policies that are already in place.

“Front Harsien ODZ expects all political parties to be clear, honest and coherent in their policies, and we will be holding each party accountable on this in the run-up to the general election. ODZ policy and rhetoric should not be used to justify ODZ development, but to protect ODZ land for present and future generations”.


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