Press Release 15.02.2016

Press Release 15th February, 2016

Natura Malta proposal welcome, but should not justify unacceptable development – Front

Front Harsien ODZ welcome the idea for a Natura Malta agency as proposed by the Today Public Policy Insitute (TPPI).
“TPPI is calling for an agency set up by, law, for the protection of Malta’s countryside and biodiversity. It should funded by government and run by a board including government representatives and nominations by NGOs, relevant university departments and local council”.
“As regards the proposal to have this agency decide who is to manage designated areas, this idea is welcome in principle. However, Front Harsien ODZ will not agree with proposals to justify irregular and unaccaptable development through the management of sites nearby. A case in point is the proposed Sadeen Institute at Zonqor. Front Harsien ODZ will not give its support to those who justify this unacceptable ODZ development by managing sites nearby. The best way to manage these sites is to protect them from unsustainable development”


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