Consultation: Il-Park Nazzjonali tal-Inwadar

Front Harsien ODZ notes Government’s intention to establish the first national nature park of this legislature, along the coastal and rural area bordering ix-Xgħajra, Ħaż-Żabbar and Wied il-Għajn local councils and that a steering committee to prepare a brief for the management plan of the park and to recommend a governance framework. Front Harsien ODZ reiterates its position against the American Institute of Malta proposed development at Zonqor.

As regards the draft brief for the governance and management plan of the park, which is being given the name of “Il-Park Nazzjonali tal-Inwadar”, Front Harsien ODZ is hereby submitting the following suggestions:

1. All minutes of the Steering Committee are to be made public.

2. Stakeholders are to be informed in advance of Steering Committee meetings so that they or their representatives may attend and participate.

3. No ODZ development should be permitted in the nature park, both as per 2006 and proposed plans.


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