Press Release 08.03.2016

Press Release 8th March, 2016

“Public Domain Bill a big step forward” Front

Front Harsien ODZ welcome parliament’s unanimous approval of the 2nd reading of the Public Domain Bill which was proposed by the Opposition.

“The concept of a public domain is essential so that the collective good and the public interest can be safeguarded against unsustainable development, commercialization and environmental destruction. Front therefore welcomes the bill”.

“In its feedback to the Government on the reform of the Lands Department, Front is proposing that Land in public hands, the coastline and all scheduled areas should be considered part of public domain and regulated by a public domain act which safeguards these lands from commercialization. Government should be refrained by law from passing public ODZ land for private projects involving construction or development”.

Front’s full list of proposals on this matter can be found on the Front website .


One comment

  1. In my opinion, this public domain bill has a lame start, as it leaves the option open for the party in government (whoever he is) to hand over old schools in town centers to preferred building developers in order for said schools to be converted into apartments.

    Then, through the MEPA loop-hole that allows the building of schools in ODZ, the party in government will build new schools or extensions of schools on ODZ/agriculture land with the excuse that this will be a government project in the public interest.

    This is a false start unless this MEPA loop-hole that allows the building of new schools or school extensions in ODZ is obliterated.

    I know what I am saying. You wait and see.


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