Press Release 12.04.2016

Press Release Tuesday 12th April, 2016

“Franco Mercieca should ensure that Environment Committee fulfills its role” Front

In a meeting with Franco Mercieca, the new chairman of Parliament’s Environmental Committee, Front Harsien ODZ augured that Mercieca adopts the inclusive approach of his predecessor Marlene Farrugia, who ensured that civil society and non-parliamentary forces are fairly represented within the committee.

Front also appealed to Franco Mercieca that what was discussed and promised within the committee is followed up by the respective authorities. “In particular, Franco Mercieca should make it clear that planning process of the American Institute of Malta is followed thoroughly, in accordance with SPED. Therefore, the Planning Authority should ensure that alternative sites are considered, and that a fully transparent, holistic and comprehensive Environment Impact Assessment process is carried out. The people’s representatives in parliament were promised this through the environment committee, and Franco Mercieca should ensure that this is followed up”.

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