Terms of Reference Proposals: ODZ Kalanka Hotel

Front’s proposals for the terms of reference for both ODZ Kalanka Hotel:

1. Impact on surrounding Area of Ecological Importance during the construction phase must be fully assessed. This would include impact of transportation of the raw materials, impact of works on site.

2.Project Development Statement estimates that project would create 4019 cubic metros of construction waste. Assessment should assess impact of excavation of geological features. Impacts of proposed excavations, site levelling and site clearance should be assessed. Studies must assess slope stability and possibility of cliff collapse especially in view of interventions on Globigerina Limestone which include the excavation of a tunnel on the beach should be assess

3.Social impact on bathers and people who frequent beach should be assessed. Impact on Public accessibility should also be assessed.

4. Impact of noise during both construction and operational phase must be assessed and compared to present noise levels.

5.Proposal is located in close proximity to the coastal water body MT 112 (Ras il- Fenek to Wied ix-Xaqqa), designated under the Water Policy Framework Regulations, 2004 (Legal Notice 194 of 2004). Any risk to this water body must be fully assessed,.

6.Photomontages from different viewpoints including from the direction of the sea, are required to assess impacts on landscape character and visual amenity.

7. Impact assessment on public access to coast.

8. Heritage appraisal of nearby structures

9.Impact assessment of accesibility to heritage structures.

10. Reversibility impact assessment

11. Estimates of services required (water, electricity, drainage, infrastructure, sanitary, etc..) and the impact of this at local, regional and national levels.

12. Waste generation and the cost of attending to this.

13. Impact assessment of visual and aesthetic factors (including short, medium and long distance views).

14. Ecological design factors

15. Impact assessment of water usage

16. Impact assessment of precedence setting in terms of further development on ODZ land.


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