VO Act Amendment – Feedback

Feedback on the VO Act amendment as submitted by Front Ħarsien ODZ and Kollettiv Ambjent.

1.  Front Ħarsien ODZ objects to a definition of ‘public purpose’ that rests upon the Commissioner’s discretion. A more objective account of what counts as public purpose and public benefit ought to be provided.  If one is aiming at a quantitative definition, then precisely what sort of things are to be taken into consideration should be specified. If the intention is simply to exclude the promotion of private benefit as a form of social purpose, then ‘social purpose’ could be redefined in such a way, and the ‘public purpose/benefit’ clause can be omitted altogether.

2.    Front Ħarsien ODZ also objects to the new definition of ‘statutes’ as regulating the operation and management of the organisations. Some organisations work better with a more fluid structure and ad hoc, democratic decision making.


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