Press Release 27.07.2016

Wednesday, 27th July 2016

Front welcomes exclusion of ODZ expansion of Freeport


Front Ħarsien ODZ welcomes the government’s decision to exclude the expansion of the Freeport on ODZ land in B’Bugia.


“Apart from the fact that any further expansion has to take place outside development zones, it is also clear that the operations of the Freeport are having a considerable impact on the quality of life of the local community in B’Bugia.”


Front Ħarsien ODZ also calls for a national holistic national plan on warehousing and storage facilities to ensure  the long term sustainability of the Freeport and the import/export sector which  are very  important components  of a diversified economy which is not completely dependent on real estate development.


To ensure  the long term  sustainability of this sector it should be given a priority in the allocation of available brownfield sites. The government should also avoid a proliferation of haphazardly planned small scale facilities in other ODZ areas.  


“We also hope that the government is consistent in its exclusion of ODZ development with regards to other projects like the proposed development at Zonqor point in Marsaskala.”


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