Press Release 20.07.2016

Press Release 20th July 2016

Council should oppose ODZ development

Front Harsien ODZ expressed its disappointment that the Santa Lucija
local council is supporting a proposed complex for the ‘elderly’ on land
outside development zones (ODZ) following a vote on 27 June.

The Front noted that this decision by the Labour led council contrasts
with the position taken last year by the Luqa local council which is also
led by a PL majority, against the development. It also contrasts with
declarations made by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat commitment not to reduce
ODZ areas.

While noting that 3 Labour councillors including the mayor voted in
favour of the development, the Front expressed its support for PN
councilors Caroline Galea and Liam Sciberras  who voted against the

“It is very awkward that instead of defending the right of residents to
enjoy open spaces the local council is supporting an ODZ development in the
vicinity of the Wied Garnaw valley.”

The Front also noted that the newly set-up Environment and Resources
Authority is objecting to a proposed four storey old people’s home in the
ODZ area since “it would result in urban sprawl and land take-up at the
expense of undeveloped rural land”.

A project development statement submitted to the PA acknowledges the
visual impact of the proposed development, which will “be visible from
various places” since it will be located “at the highest point of the Santa
Lucija area”.


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