Press Release 21.09.2016

Wied Għomor: Front Ħarsien ODZ warns against exclusive use of affidavit; developers must not threaten citizens.
Front Ħarsien ODZ expects the Planning Tribunal to uphold earlier decisions to refuse permits for three planning applications in and around Wied Ghomor.
The first appeal, regarding the extension of a private villa and addition of a swimming pool (PA6225/08), to be heard on 22nd September, should be refused again, given that the existing structure is illegal.
Regarding the second case, the construction of a two-floor ‘extension,’ swimming pool, cesspit and reservoir adjacent to a farmhouse (PA3504/15), to be heard on 6th October, the Front notes a worrying increase in the reliance upon affidavits to determine past use of property. Determining whether a property was once used as a residence should depend upon clear and transparent processes, and not upon any individual’s memory and/or integrity.
Finally, PAB194/16 (PA5333/07), to be heard on 22nd November, regards the construction of a 133 room retirement home and ancillary facilities in a disused quarry.
The Front objects to developer Laurence Galea’s recent statement in the press that residents must choose between his retirement home or further quarrying activities. Permits for such activities must be granted through an objective and transparent process via the relevant authorities and developers must not be allowed to think that Maltese citizens will be held to ransom by their threats.
All three application should be refused on the grounds that they are located Outside Development Zone, on agricultural land with significant natural vegetation, and in a system of valleys which are protected as Areas of Ecological Importance and Sites of Scientific Importance.
Front Ħarsien ODZ will be attending the hearings.

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