UPDATED: Paceville Master Plan: Front’s reaction

Paceville Master Plan: Front’s reaction

Front Ħarsien ODZ notes that a masterplan has been prepared for Paceville. We note that proposed development also includes land reclamation for real estate/hotel purposes.  According to the plan, the development on reclaimed land near Portomaso would comprise residential units over 50 per cent of the land, hotels on 44 per cent, offices on five per cent and “other” using one per cent.

Front Ħarsien ODZ opposes land reclamation for real estate/hotel purposes. In the specific case of Paceville, our opposition also relates to the fact that a marine protected area exists close to the site identified for land reclamation.

In view of Malta’s small size and the immediate proximity of localities, it is illogical to have a master plan for one area and not master plan for areas close to it.

Therefore, Front Ħarsien ODZ calls for a national master plan that comprises ecological, marine, social, economic, traffic and waste impact assessments before development proposals such as the one in question are processed.  The national master plan should be evidence-based and should have clear indicators on Malta’s carrying capacity in relation to factors such as those mentioned above.

Front Ħarsien ODZ also calls for full transparency and therefore calls for the publication of all submissions by developers to Government and the Planning Authority


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