Stables at Munxar should be refused – application contravenes rural policy

Press Release 23.02.2017
Front Harsien ODZ objects strongly to PA 04629/16 for the demolition of existing rooms and construction of horse stables in Munxar, M’Scala which is designated for its ecological importance. The application has been recommended for approval by the Planning Authority’s Case Officer.
The application proposes to demolish pre-1978 buildings with a total footprint of 95 sq m and to replace these with a eight stables, paddocks, vet’s office, and storage with a built up footprint of 237 sq m. The stables alone will be larger than the rooms to be demolished. This strikes the Front as being in direct contravention of Rural Policy 6.2C(3) which stipulates that “the replacement building does not exceed the total floor area of the previous building/s.”
Moreover, the Front notes that since January 2016, there have been over 30 applications for stables outside the development zone, at least 15 applications to sanction existing stables, and five applications for change of use from stables into residential units. The pattern of using stables to circumvent development regulations has been evident for a number of years and the PA ought to complete its review of the Rural Policy to address this.
Front Harsien ODZ will be attending the case hearing on 24th February.

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