About Us

Front Ħarsien ODZ is a citizens’ movement which welcomes support from all sectors of society. The goals of this Front are purely environmental.


1. Name

The name is “Front Harsien ODZ” (Front for the protection of ODZ), or “Front” for short.

2. Purpose and Goals

The purpose of Front Harsien ODZ is to mobilize citizen opposition to development outside development zones and to work towards achieving legal protection for such zones as part of a social contract between the citizen and the state.

3. Structure

The Front was established during a public meeting of citizens who share the same purpose. Subsequently, a number of interested individuals continued to attend Front meetings regularly.

The Front has an open, horizontal and democratic structure and decisions are made during meetings which are open to all Front activists, based on votes taken by simple majority. While the Front may, from time to time, appoint a spokesperson, there are no permanent structures or officeholders.

4. Autonomy

The Front shall participate in civil society while retaining its autonomy from political parties, and all other organizations and institutions. Any meetings with officials, including those representing political parties, must be held with the media present.
Front Harsien ODZ recognizes Kollettiv Ambjent as the legal entity which raises funds on its behalf. All donations to Front Harsien ODZ must be made through Kollettiv Ambjent.

5. How to join

Anybody sharing the Front’s ideals can become an activist by attending public meetings and declaring his or her agreement with the Front’s purpose and goals. Any interested individual may contact the Front, although all applications are subject to approval by Front activists.


1. Isem

L-isem hu ‘Front Ħarsien ODZ’, fil-qosor ‘Front’.

2. Għanijiet

L-għan tal-Front Ħarsien ODZ hu li jimmobilizza l-oppozizzjoni taċ-ċittadini għal żvilupp barra miż-żona ta’ l-żvilupp u li jaħdem biex iż-żoni barra mill-iżvilupp jingħataw ħarsien legali bħala parti mill- kuntratt soċjali bejn iċ-ċittadin u l-istat.

3. Struttura

Il-Front ġie mwaqqaf minn laqgħa pubblika ta’ ċittadini li jaqsmu l-għanijiet tal-Front kontra żvilupp f’ ODZ. Wara l-laqgħa pubblika dawk li wrew interess fil-ħidma tal-Front komplew jattendu laqgħat b’mod regolari. Il-Front għandu struttura miftuħa, oriżontali u demokratika u d-deċiżjonijiet jittieħdu f’laqgħat miftuħa għal attivisti tal-Front. Id-deċiżjonijiet jittieħdu b’maġġoranza sempliċi fost dawk li jattendu l-laqgħat. Il-Front m’għandux karigi uffiċjali imma jista jaħtar kelliema biex jitkellmu f’isem il-Front.

4. Awtonomija

Il-Front hu attiv fis-soċjeta’ ċivili, iżda hu awtonomu minn kull partit, organiżazzjoni jew istituzzjoni. Laqgħat ma’ partiti politiċi jew uffiċjali iridu jsiru fil-miftuħ fil-preżenza tal-midja. Il-Front Ħarsien ODZ jirrikonoxxi l-ħidma tal-Kollettiv Ambjent bħala l-għaqda legalment kostitwita biex tiġbor fondi għal attivitajiet li jaqgħu taħt il-kappa tiegħu. Kull donazzjoni lil Front Ħarsien ODZ tingħata lil Kollettiv Ambjent.

5. Sħubija

Kull min jaqsam l-ideali tal-Front jista’ jsir attivist tal-Front billi jattendi l-laqgħa pubblika u jiddikjara li jaqbel mal-għanijiet tal-Front. Biex wieħed issir attivist fi ħdan il- Front, wieħed għandu jagħmel kuntatt mal-Front, liema sħubija trid tkun approvata mill-attivisti tal-Front.